About Us


What We’re All About

As the proud owner of Fabio’s Pizza I have made it my mission to produce the best quality product with the freshest ingredients and consistent taste for customers of all ages.

Our family owned and operated Pizzeria has been growing strong for the past 22 years with the same passion as when we first opened. We do not consider ourselves “just another pizzeria”.

We use only the freshest toppings, a homemade sauce and a fermenting system which is unique to us. We have learned over the years that the slightest adjustment to the recipe or even a fluctuation in temperature can change the taste of our pizza. Our crust is, “full of bubbles and craters like a croissant”.

We strive to capture that taste each and every time we make our product. When our dough is made, we are certain to use distinctive ingredients, including the perfect amount of water levels and temperatures. We then carefully combine them and allow our fermentation system to take its course. We take our time to ensure our pizza crust is light and airy; which in turn makes it easier to digest. This is the care and quality that goes into each and every Fabio’s product. Customers have always been willing to pay a little extra
for a product they know will be fresh every time. This is what separates us from any other pizzeria. This is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Now that our product is perfected, and with our third store, we are well on our way to putting Fabio’s Pizza on the map. This way everyone everywhere can enjoy a Fabio’ s Pizza…

It is simply “The Way PIZZA Should Be”

I promise this will be the best pizza and tastiest wings you’ve ever had
… or your money back!

– Fabio