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Welcome to Fabio’s Pizza

Our family owned and operated locations have been growing strong since 1993, backed by the same passion as when we first opened our doors. Known for quality and scrumptious taste, Fabio’s Pizza in St Catharines is everyone’s favourite pizza place.

Fabio’s Original Pizzas

Porta Belissimo pizza

Porta Belissimo

An Italian Favorite – Hand picked portobello mushrooms, hot soppressata and creamy mozzarella. This spicy delight is worth every penny, “Fabiolissimo!”

Sono Italiano pizza

Sono Italiano

An Italian explosion of flavour. A thin crust with fresh basil, sliced prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, Buffalo cheese and arugula, “Magnifico!”

Pizza Hawaiano

Pizza Hawaiano

Sliced black forest ham and sweet pineapple chunks make for a simple but delightful combination. “A Classic”.

Fabiolicious Combos

Fabiolicious Combos

Pizza Combos
Pizza Combos:
  • 12 Slice Pizza with 3 Toppings + 2 lb. wings: $35.99
  • 12 Slice Pizza with 3 Toppings + 3 lb. wings: $43.99
  • 24 Slice Pizza with 3 Toppings + 5 lb. wings: $64.99

  • 6 Cans of Pop: $5.99
  • Deep Fried Pickles: $6.00
  • Dipping Sauce: $1.00
  • Additional Wings: $8.99/lb

Party Deal

special party combo
Get the Party Started for Just $69.99
  • A gigantic 21” 3 Topping Pizza
  • 5 lbs of Juicy Jumbo Wings
  • A Loaf of Garlic Bread w/ Cheese
  • …and 6 Ice Cold Pops

Here’s what some of our customers are saying…


“Absolutely amazing awesome flaky crust. You must try for yourself. Love it”

“The ONLY place to get your pizza!! Amazing!!”

“Best pizza in town…”

“Fabio’s Pizza without a doubt is the best pizza I have ever had. We are extremely lucky to have Fabio’s here in our city. There is nothing that compares or comes close to their style of pizza. Yes, from time to time we have experienced longer than usual wait times for our pizza but it is well WORTH the wait every time. Others can have crap ready in half hour if that’s what you want then Fabio’s is not for you….”

“Best pizza around!!!! Love the fresh toppings and their customer service never disappoints me. All their food is great, not just the pizza. Once you try it you will never buy your pizza anywhere else. Thanks Fabio’s for making great food!”

“We feel like we want to yell it from the rooftop– Fabio’s makes THE BEST pizza in Niagara! Theirs offers the tastiest crust, the perfect homemade sauce, authentic s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y “pizza” mozzarella, and the yummiest pepperoni! We typically order a large pepperoni and cheese, but whenever we’ve ordered other toppings, they’ve been fresh and delicious too! In all honesty, nobody else comes close to Fabio’s!”

“It just doesn’t get any better. YOU be the Judge!!! I’m wondering how the heck do they get their crust so flaky? It’s just Awesome! Thanks Fabio’s”

“Fabio’s Pizza is the best pizza we have ever had!!!! The pizza is mouth-watering and the marinated wings are to die for. Once you try Fabio’s you’ll keep coming back for more!!! You’ll love it!!!!”